We all have a story. Trials and tribulations. Great expectations from greater expeditions. Those who follow the path into nature, often nurture the most beautiful stories of discovery - both physically and psychologically. 

I often wonder about lost generations. Those great people who went before us, who took those first steps into the unknown, who experienced the beauty of nature, and the ugliness of wars. What countless stories have become lost in time. That were lived but never written. Felt, but never shared.

In the months since launching She Went Wild, I've been honored to meet incredible wanderers of the sky, ocean and land. Amazingly rich snippets of exploration, and with each meeting, I feel more and more inspired and enthused to discard the monotonous tone of a 9-5 lifestyle.

If you have a great story to share, we'd love to feature it. 

Help us to inspire generations of women with rich words, and colourful photographs. You can send written pieces to stories@shewentwild.com or use the form below.


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