Women's Outdoor & Adventure Expo

When: 3rd December 2017

TIME: 9.30AM - 4PM

Where: Howie Complex, Sydney Showgrounds


The Women’s Adventure Expo is a unique opportunity, bringing together retailers and adventurers with a focus on women’s needs. Over 900 people attended the inaugural expo in 2016, and we are gearing up for an even bigger event featuring a wider range of activities on offer this year.

Expect seasoned professionals speaking about their travel experiences across the globe, big brand names as well as independent businesses featuring adventure wear and survival tech.

Expect interactive workshops for ticketholders to learn new skills, and a new section focused on family adventures specifically.

Expect a networking area where like-minded women can plan adventures with newly found adventure buddies or explore the opportunity to find a job in the industry.

In short, expect much more than a simple expo: the event will be a real hub for women to discover new trends, find inspiration, meet new people, sign up for training courses, plan ahead and get fully kitted out before booking their next adventure!

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speakers- GET INSPIRED

Our stage area brought some of the most inspiring women we could find to share their experiences and advice. Always an interesting story to hear!

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We invited brands and survival experts alike to share their hands on experience and teach valuable skills in preparation for any wild excursion. 

find new products

In 2016, we featured some of Australia's leading brands who showcased their newest female specific gear, travel destinations and courses

bring the whole family

Mum's and dad's alike will love the experience! Plenty to see, do and listen to! Great food, great music and a relaxed and engaging environment.

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Get chatting to your co-adventurers and plan meet ups and outings with new friendly faces. 


Our first Women's Adventure Festival in 2016 had a whole day of engaging activations, interactive workshops, inspiring motivational speakers (who've achieved greatness in adventure) and an engaging, creative atmosphere.

Across the day we had 900 visitors, both men and women who came to be inspired, try on new gear and be around like minded people.