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outdoor instructor...

“I'm a qualified paramedic and a certified abseiling, kayaking and climbing guide. With the motivation to become an expedition medic, I've undergone extensive medical training with a Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Paramedic Practise and have Remote First Aid experience. 

I find excitement and an identity in the great outdoors and especially enthusiastic about trail running, skiing, hiking, climbing and kayaking. I'm always looking to find inspiration in nature, whether that be overseas travel, a multi-day trek, an all-Australian road trip or a micro-adventure within Sydney’s backyard. I have travelled extensively throughout the world in search of natural beauty, the best treks, the perfect ski conditions and new challenges. 

My most recent adventures involved hiking the highest 16 peaks in Australia, running an ultramarathon and a nine month road trip around North America living in a van named ‘Big Rhonda’, exploring America’s best national parks and ski mountains. 

I'm particularly passionate about supporting women to get out and start exploring with strong hopes to engage and inspire women to join the She Went Wild movement and draw out their strong, confident, adventurous selves!”

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