11am - Speed Date an Adventurer

You asked for it and we listened. In this years Women's Adventure Expo, She Went Wild and 50 DAYS bring you two unique opportunities to maximise your adventure potential. Pick the brains of some of our finest female adventurers and meet new adventure
buddies to play with.

Welcome to SPEED DATE AN ADVENTURER. This is speed dating with a twist. In this session we replace the romance with ADVENTURING! If you’re looking for your next adventure travel inspiration, our five adventurers are here to help. Ask them anything about your next hike, bike tour, sailing trip, family-based adventure, solo travel, ski tour and more. 

Only a limited number of spaces available. Please arrive at the Bar area for 10.45am and let us know if you won't be making it by emailing info@shewentwild.com so we can give the space to someone else.

You must have a vaild ticket to the Women's Adventure Expo to enter. 



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Rachel Dimond- 27yo                                                                   Sydney, Australia

       Rachel Dimond likes to adventure.

Long ones, tall ones, short ones, round ones, big ones, crazy one - you get
the picture. Her curious nature has taken her across the globe to New
Zealand, China, the USA, India and Nepal, but she mostly enjoys rambling
through the wilds of New South Wales. She believes that any adventure is an
adventure worth having and makes the most of her weekends hiking, camping
and exploring. 

Ask Rachel about:
-Tending to your Soul blinks in nature.
-How to make the most of your weekends through micro-adventures.
-How to capture your adventures & inspire your friends.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to
our lives as water and good bread.” – Edward Abbey

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Steph Devery - 24yo                                                                       Sydney, Australia

She Went Wild Ambassador, Steph Devery, is a certified abseiling, kayaking
and climbing guide who has travelled extensively throughout the world in
search of natural beauty, awesome treks, perfect ski conditions new
adventures. Whether it’s road tripping across North America or solo multi
trekking the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, she finds excitement and
identity in the outdoors. Steph is particularly passionate about supporting
women to get out and start exploring and she hopes to inspire women and
draw out their strong, confident, adventurous selves!

Ask Steph about:
-How to become a self-sufficient adventurer.
-Packing advice for the solo adventurer (including first aid kits).
-Hiking for all levels, killer ski destinations, canyoning & vanlife tips.

“Attitude is the only difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”
- Unknown


Michelle Lee - 44yo

Michelle Lee, is a current long-distance rowing World Record Holder and
Australia’s first female to row any ocean solo. She is also currently training to
be Australia’s first female to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the
Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. She is a self-professed “quintessential
ordinary woman attempting to do the extraordinary.” When she’s not
completing grueling training sessions on her ergo she can be found doing
ocean swims, diving, triathlons, hiking, long distance road runs and cycling
just to name a few.

Ask Michelle about:
-Untapping your potential and embracing the fear.
-How to leave the safety of your armchair and experience adventure.
-Breaking through personal boundaries and limitations.

“Start thinking you can - and you will.” – Michelle Lee


Jo Greetham - 42 YO                                  Mallacoota, Victoria

50 DAYS Ambassador, Jo Greetham loves to trail run, swim, hike, kayak and
her kids - not in any order. The stunning coastal town of Mallacoota is her
home with an incredible abundance of adventurous opportunities to sustain
her passions with her growing family – Jo calls these ‘adventurous snippets’
She can be found trail running self-supported from Mallacoota to Eden or
taking her family to wild places. They, like her, desire the freedom,
wonderment and simplicity of life experienced in natural spaces.

Ask Jo about:
-Ultra trail running and multi-day hikes.
-Family micro-adventures.
-Taking kids outdoors

“I desire to be in the wilderness, exploring my limitations.” – Jo Greetham


Chloe Phillips-Harris - 29 YO                                                                       North Island, New Zealand

Chloe Phillips-Harris is a top equestrian athlete whose adventures have taken
her across Mongolia, Central Asia, New Zealand and Australia. She has raced
in the Mongol Derby, visited some of the most remote tribes on the planet,
hunted with eagles, ridden wild horses, attended the World Nomad Games
and trekked with camels across deserts to name a few.

Ask Chloe about:
Animal based adventures are her expertise. If you want to know what it takes
to ride a horse anywhere she’s the one to ask. 

“Adventure is not about the perfect journey, it’s about enjoying the bumps in
the road along the way.”



Your potential adventure soul mate could be found in our afternoon session, FIND AN ADVENTURE BUDDY. No more weekend adventures by your lonesome… unless that’s the way you like it. Here you’ll meet like-minded women wanting to share their outdoor pursuits. Swap your details and wallah!
You have a new adventure buddy.
Hurry and book online, as places are limited.

Only a limited number of spaces available. Please arrive at the Bar area for 12.45am and let us know if you won't be making it by emailing info@shewentwild.com so we can give the space to someone else.

You must have a vaild ticket to the Women's Adventure Expo to enter.