sara piper


weekend warrior...

I grew up on property in rural New South Wales riding horses, camping and spending a lot of time outdoors. Ambitious at 17 years old, career aspirations and the lure of the “big smoke” saw me move between Melbourne, London and finally settle in Sydney.

Fast forward 15 years, still hustling the upward trajectory of the career ladder, newly single and searching for my own identity, searching for something I didn’t quite know what. It was then, I reacquainted myself with a sense of adventure.

With a try-anything-once, go get ‘em approach to life, the list of adventures has grown with the addiction. Hiking some beautifully grueling Australian trails, diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, canyoning through the Blue Mountains, and more.

Pushing my limits physically and mentally has fed my soul, grounded my being and empowered me in ways I never knew possible. I’ve learned that the challenges and triumphs on the trail can transfer to fuel the “9 to 5” fire.   

I’m passionate about inspiring girls, like the small-town girl I was, to try new things, push limits and reach their potential while experiencing the wonders of nature and becoming responsible custodians of our environment for generations to come.    

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