I am a biologist, public speaker and wildlife presenter / filmmaker with a keen sense of adventure. I am currently studying a research Masters in Bristol investigating the sensory structures of arthropods however I also present for BBC Earth Unplugged.

I still can’t pin when my curiosity for the natural world began but I like to put it down to having a magnificent male peacock as my first pet. For a number of years now I have been making my own wildlife films, and trying to find wildlife has always come hand in hand with adventure! I have been on a solo trip to the Kyrenia mountains in Cyprus looking for snakes, snorkelling with basking sharks, wading waist deep for lampreys one of the world’s most prehistoric fish, sea kayaking among 80,000 gannets the list goes on! I really enjoy trying to find creative ways to inspire audiences.

I also spend a lot of my spare time off road running and have always felt more than comfortable in the middle of the wilderness! I get a buzz from pushing myself mentally and physically and each year endure solo made long distance runs including running 190 miles along the coast lines of Portugal and most recently running 100 miles across the UK to spot as many wildlife species as I can.

Adventure is what you make of it but for me, an inquisitive nature to explore means over the years I have grown an appreciation and understanding of our natural world. That being said, if we want to continue to explore its wild spaces we need to learn to protect what’s our and all the precious wildlife that inhabits it.

So what’s next? I graduate towards the end of this year and am in the early stages of planning a wildlife packed expedition to a secret location! After that I hope to move to South Africa for a few months to continue research with Africa elephants while continuing to do what I love – heading out on adventures to film wildlife!