Hey I'm Laura Wells and I have my fingers in a lot of pies! I have a degree in Biology and Law, am currently studying a Diploma of Paramedical Science, I am an international curvy model, a science communicator and presenter and a crazy ocean lover who is often more salty than not! My interest in everything outdoors, underwater and climate change has lead me to live a life that promotes getting dirty, exploring and making a proper connection to the world in which we live. 

Working on a number of environmental campaigns world wide and travelling and exploring the globe extensively, I have seen first hand the damage we have done to our beautiful planet and try to use my social platforms to encourage people to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle that benefits not only themselves but the environment. So expect to find me giving you tips and products on how to reduce your plastic consumption and your footprint on your adventures. 

Surrounding ourselves in our natural landscapes, learning new skills, and changing our behaviours to leave a smaller footprint is my ultimate goal; because the future is not just somewhere we are going, it is something we are creating, so lets create something beautiful together.

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