I've taken the  love of film and photography off terra firma and into the ocean. Between freedive spearfishing and scuba diving I'm either behind a camera or the edit desk sharing the breath taking footage with the world.

After completing a degree in Video Production in 2008, I went on to travel through Central America producing various promotional videos in the tourism industry. Shortly after I moved to Samoa to live and work producing an educational children’s series for the Ministry of Education. I returned home to Australia in 2015 and travelled around Australia living out of a Mitsubish Pajero with MY partner Michael. After a season working as a deckhand on a pearl boat in Broome I moved back to the pacific to live and work in the Kingdom of Tonga where I ran a successful public awareness campaign for the Waste Authority. I'm now currently residing in Australia planning my next adventure which involves a circumnavigation of the worlds oceans on a 40ft monohull sailboat. 

I'm a competent spearfisher woman who holds two current Australian records and is a sponsored by Riffe International where I put their gear to the test and helps develop better equipment. My favourite part of spearfishing is all the amazing experiences I've gained from travelling and diving. I've been lucky enough to swim with a variety of whales, sharks, dolphins, sunfish, manta rays, whales sharks and seals just to name a few.  I love spearfishing as it is the most sustainable way to harvest seafood, and a firm believer in sustainable living and have a wide knowledge of all things ocean and how to harvest and protect it.

As well as spearfishing JessieI also enjoy scuba diving, cooking & sharing my catch with my family and friends, photography, producing videos, canyoning, camping and exploring the world.

You can follow me on @jessie_cripps