jenae johnston


nature explorer...

Over the past year, I've established a strong eco-brand Bushwalk the ‘Gong, a social community based on promoting the conservation and appreciation of the best of the Illawarra’s natural bushland through epic mini-journeys hidden in Wollongong’s natural backyard. In true community spirit, I offer sell-out free bushwalks to all demographics sharing my love of nature-education, photography and plain old adventure.

During the weekdays, you'll find me a mother of two in a full-time position in the corporate world in heels and makeup to boot. On the weekend you'll find me wrenching off a leech or two off my ankles, having a cool dip under a local lesser-known waterfall or scaling down a slippery slope with plenty of plant matter and dirt wedged under my fingernails. 

You can find me on instagram @bushwalkingthegong or my facebook here