The Importance Of Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

Cleaning Your AC Unit


Property owners are investing a large amount in their air conditioner (AC) unit. Additionally, the AC power consumption, if the AC is used, is also a very significant part of the monthly electricity bill. Hence compared to most other home appliances it is more important to maintain the AC unit properly so that it continues to function efficiently. 


Usually, the AC manufacturer will provide a user manual where he provides instructions on using and maintenance of the air conditioner. The homeowner should read the user manual carefully and follow the instructions.


Typically each AC unit has a warranty of at least one year. During this warranty period, the manufacturer will offer free maintenance on the AC unit. After the warranty period is over, the property owner can do some basic maintenance himself. 


One of the reasons why the AC requires more maintenance than other home appliances is because the room air is passing through the ac, carrying the dirt and dust into the ac. This dust will be deposited on the filters and other parts of the AC unit, reducing the efficiency and life of some components which will get heated. 


In case of regular maintenance, the dust, dirt will be removed periodically, so repairs that involve the replacement of one or more parts will be required less often.


The Benefits Of Annual AC Tune-Up


Like most other home appliances, the amount a homeowner should spend on maintenance of his air conditioning system depends to a large extent on the cost of the AC unit. If the property owner has invested a large amount in purchasing the latest model of the AC unit available and does not wish to purchase a new unit for the next few years, he should hire specialists for the cooling unit tune-up. The specialists will periodically clean the AC to remove the dust, dirt and check if any components are malfunctioning, to replace them.


In many cases, property owners have a limited budget for purchasing the AC. They require the AC unit only during summer when temperatures are the highest, during other months, they can use a fan or other cheaper home appliance for cooling. In this case, the property owner can purchase an inexpensive AC unit with fewer features or a second-hand AC unit at a lower price. It is not necessary to spend money and time on the maintenance of the unit since it is only expected to work for a few years. After this period he will replace the malfunctioning AC unit with another AC unit depending on the funds available



Finding A Reliable AC Tune-Up Expert


For expensive AC units, it is advisable to hire the services of a competent AC company for maintenance services. Instead of contacting the maintenance company only when the AC unit malfunctions, it is better to enroll in a maintenance program for AC to pay a reasonable annual fee. The AC company will send their staff periodically to the property of the members to inspect the AC unit and offer customer support at no additional cost.