Courtney hasn't got the best head for heights, immense tolerance for G-forces, or great confidence, but she pushes her comfort zone in every area of life possible.

After working as an adventure guide, taking people on vertical adventures, such as abseiling, climbing and canyoning through the Blue Mountains, one would have thought she would have “outgrown” her fear of heights- nope, its defiantly still there! Huddled around a campfire at night, she’ll insist on heading up that climb after a few (actually one) glass of wine. 

The next day, after fits of combined tears, elation and 190m of cliff, she tops out with an epic smile and says “I’m never doing that shit again”, only to be tying into the sharp end of the rope not too soon after.

She pines for the woods where she can rip around mud encrusted berms, fly over jumps, and give the occasional backwards glance to make sure the trusty trail dog is receiving enough flecks of mud on his face as he bounds behind her.

Courtney is a bottle of contradictions, but one thing that’s constant is the drive to be outdoors. Whether its walking the partner and dog in some new part of the bush; filling her backpack full of ropes and wetsuits
ready to bust out some new canyon; or going for a hike, whether for a few days or hours; Courtney is always frothing to be outside away from the roads, buildings and, yes, crowds. She is firm believer that, whether pro, experienced, or beginner, giving yourself 100% is more important than anything else.

Current challenge? Living in a converted van called Orca and travelling through the UK and Europe, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and pretty much just loving (and living!) life.

Follow her adventures and van life on @eightlegsvanlife.