Caroline Laux


4x4 explorer...

“Busy doing life” is the sign you would find on my front door if there was one. I have always loved the outdoors and exploring: small or big adventures, close by or far away. I am convinced that adventure is everywhere: I have found it overseas, and under the cherry tree in my parents’ backyard too. 

I am also convinced that there is an outdoor adventure for everyone and that achievement is not measured by how extreme the adventure looks, but by how much one is pushing their own limits and how much fun they are having. Most of my holidays growing up in Europe were spent in the family campervan parked in beautiful spots featuring easy access to the Mediterranean Sea. Scuba diving was always high on the list of activities thanks to my dad who is an instructor and has been taking me along on his underwater escapades since I was three years old. Snowboarding kept me busy in winter, until I moved to Australia where I discovered new outdoor playgrounds to explore and new activities to try out: hula hooping, bushwalking, canyoning, abseiling, slack lining, four wheel driving, and even skydiving which came in the form of a very thoughtful, but unsolicited gift. 

The fear factor was through the roof yet I survived to tell the tale, and in case you wonder: yes, I would do it again…! 

Now, what’s next? One big dream I have is to get to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, but I will take up any opportunity that arises: my most fulfilling adventures have often come from the unexpected and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the next one!