Hello QLD ladies!

It's been a long, long time coming but we finally have an event in the works for you!

We want to kick things off by partnering with Pinnacle Sports for some top-rope rock climbing coaching in the outdoors.

This isn't just a day of getting a taste of climbing on real rock. Think of this as a 1-day course in rock climbing with the syllabus covering:

  • top-rope climbing set ups (anchors, rope, safety checks)
  • tying in using a rethreaded figure 8 and belaying using the 5-step process 
  • technique coaching such as footwork, different handholds (buckets/jugs, slopers, crimps, sidepulls, underclings etc) and body positioning
  • climbing grades: your instructor will help you determine where you are at which is super useful information to have for the rest of your climbing adventures, both indoors + outdoors

Here's are the details:

Mt Ngungun Glasshouse Mountain National Park
NB: there are no toilets in the National Park

8am- 4pm


AUD 185 including GST


  • coaching
  • all specialist equipment


  • transport to + from meeting point
  • personal clothing + insurance
  • lunch + water

If you are interested, please complete the below form and signify which date you are available.

The date with the most people wins!


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