The Women's Adventure Expo Schedule



10.00am - Emma Walker (She Went Wild) - Launches the Event

10.30am - Amy Heague (Editor of Travel Play Live Magazine) - How 'Saying Yes to Adventure’ unlocks potential in all areas of your life

11.00am - Caro Ryan ( - The Responsibility of Adventure
With “secret spots” known only to locals becoming Instagram fodder and turning into headaches for National Parks and Emergency Services, what responsibilities do we have as adventurous types in the kind of stories we tell and the way that we tell them?

11.30am - Jane Grover - Chef, Author and Presenter
Join Jane as she delights us with her skills on this delicious adventure and shares her recipes and stories of adventure and travel

12.00pm - Leah Gilbert - Shifting perspective: the power of self acceptance and love in unlocking your potential
As a Body Positive advocate Leah became one of the first Australian athletes to pose the prospect of inspiring people to improve their health by providing them with real, relatable role models

12.30pm - Morgan Koegel (CEO One Girl Charity) 
At the age of 24, Morgan Koegel is not only the youngest member, but the CEO of One Girl, an organisation committed to educating girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda through programs that target gender inequality. She is a passionate believer in the power of education and gender equality being a game-changer worldwide

1.00pm - Jen Brown (Sparta Chicks) - Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway 
Jen is the expert on this subject, her newly released book She Believed She Could So She Did, How to Train, Race and Live with Confidence has been getting great reviews from women across the globe from women wanting to get a little more adventure into their life

1.30pm - Emma Chalmers (Rebelology) - The Cultural Rise of The Liberated Woman

2.00pm - Fuchsia Simms (Adventure Junky) - The Power of Adventure 
Fuchsia is the founder of Adventure Junky, a new social network for travellers helping you to share your latest and find your next adventure. It may just sound like fun and games but Fuchsia aims to save the world from mass tourism - one adventure at a time. Join her for this insightful and entertaining look at the future of travel, and walk away with a new appreciation for the power of adventure

2.30pm - Tracey Croke (Wild Wheels) 
Tracey will cover the scope and appeal of bike travel through a pitstop of her bike travels, a few highlights and anecdotes

3.00pm - Sarah Anne Evans (Karmea) - Train Your Terrain
Sarah speaks with us about how to get the most from your free time to maximize results,  the considerations that should be when training for endurance adventures and how to specify and plan your training effectively



Join us across two interactive zones where we'll host empowering workshops that will help upskill and prepare us for our next adventure. Pull up a stool at the Truck Stop, or huddle around the campfire at Breathe Bell Tents beautiful Campsite and get ready to learn!

10.30am : Creating Wildhood Memories: Fostering the Joys of Nature (Hosted by Journey Outdoors)
11.00am: How to Pack Your Bag Effectively (Hosted by Osprey Packs)
11.30am: Rope Work & Knots (Hosted by Australian School of Mountaineering)
12.00pm : Navigating with a Map & Compass (Hosted by Australian School of Mountaineering)
12.30pm : Wellness in the Wilderness (Hosted by Inner Trekker)
1.00pm : Taking Better Photographs Outdoors (Hosted by Kate Miles)
1.30pm : Fishing for Beginners (Hosted by Karen Wright)
2.00pm: Fuelling for Adventure (Hosted by Megan Yonson)
2.30pm: First Aid in the Wild (Hosted by Survive First Aid)
3.30pm: Servicing Your Wheels (Bicycle Workshop Hosted by She Rides)

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