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Bone Broth Soup

It is the talk of the town - bone broth soup.  She Went Wild was curious to know what all the fuss was about so we tried this little number for ourselves and fell in love with this classic winter pick me up. Easy, economical and so versatile. This soup is great as a meal on its own or as a camping companion in a hip flask as a mid hike pick-me-up. Check out the recipe!

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Heather Egan : Walking Coast to Coast in the UK

In the British Summer of 2016 you turned her back on conformity and decided to walk from coast to coast in the UK - with no training or real preparation of what lay ahead. With a 'can-do' attitude Heather borrowed a tent, rucksack, bought some walking boots and took her first step into her adventure. Heather shares her story with us on embracing the unknown and stepping out of her comfort zone.. one step at a time.

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