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Annapurna Circuit : a journey from inside out

Most adventures start either with a dream or a disillusion, but for Cristina adventure opened its arms when she stepped away from life as she knew it, said goodbye to her partner at the time and closed the door behind her. Where she run to? Fast forward several months and we find Cristina on the Annapurna circuit, in Nepal. The circuit is rated as one of the most beautiful but strenuous high altitude climbs in the world - reaching 5400m. The mountains were calling me and I had to go. 

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How To Find Wellness In The Wilderness

You’ve climbed many mountains before. Inner mountains. You’ve trudged through the depths of the gullies of your soul and you’ve had your breath taken away by the inner stillness at the peak. You’ve aligned your compass with many different life maps and you are on the journey of letting go of all the emotional baggage.

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