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How to be Confident When Hiking Alone

When I decided to start bushwalking I knew I wanted to walk alone, I wasn’t very fit and I hadn’t been out in the bush since I was a kid.  I was not afraid of animals or hurting myself, however, I was afraid of other people. I think this is probably a feeling that many women have. For me to overcome this, it was a matter of experiencing being in the bush on my own and in time realising that the majority of people I’ve come across have been very friendly. 

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Solo travel and dining alone

What is it about eating alone in a restaurant that makes people feel so vulnerable? Why is it when traveling alone we often hide ourselves away with room service or take out meals or choose “easy” things to eat when in front of others instead of ordering what we really want which is the burger so big it requires 2 hands and an unlocking jaw to eat. 

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How To Find Wellness In The Wilderness

You’ve climbed many mountains before. Inner mountains. You’ve trudged through the depths of the gullies of your soul and you’ve had your breath taken away by the inner stillness at the peak. You’ve aligned your compass with many different life maps and you are on the journey of letting go of all the emotional baggage.

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