9 Reasons We Love Mountain Biking


I haven’t always been a mountain biker, so I totally understand if you are thinking, “I don’t love mountain biking. What’s she on about?”

I actually used to be a runner and it was continuous shin splints that forced me into the sport… Yes, FORCED ME!

I was so not into it when I started but, now it is my life, my passion and my everything.

And here’s why it can be yours too.

1. It connects you with nature

Mountain biking gets you out of the office, out of the house and into the silence of nature. You can’t text or check Facebook when you’re on your bike, so it's just you and the world around you, together in a state of flow.


2.  It teaches you presence

Mountain biking puts you in the present moment. It trains your mind to empty itself of the normal chatter that continually flies around and teaches it to be entirely focused on the trail ahead…because if not, you end up with your face in the dirt! Every crash I have had, has been when I have let my mind wander away from riding the track ahead. It's a hard lesson but one that you learn pretty quickly.


3. It's an enjoyable HIIT session

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is known in the fitness world for its amazing benefits on health and performance. The quick fast descents on the mountain combined with the slower longer ascents, mixed with easy flats and technical sharp climbs that require intense bursts of power perfectly replicate what your body goes through in a HIIT training session, but this is way more fun!
Being outdoors, doing something that’s enjoyable with your friends is the best way to get the benefits of HIIT without REALLY knowing you are doing it ;)

4.  Takes you to amazingly rad places

Mountain biking gives you the opportunity to see some of Mother Nature’s best features all around the world, in every type of environment. It allows you to explore deep into forests, way over mountain ranges, down to coastlines and along cliff tops.


5. Meet awesome people

It is known that mountain biking attracts fun, open, friendly people that are all about going out and having a great ride with friends, having loads of laughs and then enjoying a drink afterwards. 99% for the time I go out and ride alone (because of my shift work), but the really nice thing is that I never feel alone. I meet a new rider every time I go out on the trails and they are always, always up for a chat.


6. Pushes your comfort zone

To truly live life to the fullest is to constantly live on the edge of your comfort zone, slowly pushing it further outwards.
Mountain biking definitely pushes your comfort zone, as there is always a new challenge to conquer, whether it be a new skills, new track, new feature or simply pushing your fitness to a higher level. There is always a next level to master.


7. There WILL be a type for you!

The mountain biking field has several disciplines, including cross country, trail, enduro, downhill and free riding, with so many variations and mixes of these available. So if you try one type and it doesn’t make you feel completely over the moon with excitement, simply try another!

8. You don’t have to wear lycra ;)

Mountain biking is all about baggie shorts and shirts - no lycra here (unless you are a pro cross-country racer). Mountain biking gear fits comfortably and you don’t need to be a size 8 model to look great in it. I believe feeling comfortable in your gear is huge when it comes to whether you will love the sport or not, especially if you are new to exercising.

9. Become a part of the one friendliest communities ever

Mountain bikers are amazingly fun and super friendly. In my 5-6 years of riding, every mountain biker I have met has been absolutely awesome and would totally go out of their way to help another person. You will always have friends in mountain biking


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