Ready Made Camping Food

When you want to head out to the bush it isn't always that easy to keep things cool, especially in an Australian summer.  We love nothing more than cooking over the barbie outdoors, but sometimes it just isn't feasible. So we've put together our favourite options of ready made meals to pack when out on a hike or camping out in the bush. It means minimal packing and easy preparation to keep your adventure going!


They say it's the most important meal of the day! When you're about to start a full day of hiking you need enough energy to keep you going. We've come accross Strive food in Tasmania that have some awesome options. Our favourite on the list is the Tropical Porridge option. With mango, coconut and pineapple to get the day going.



So you've found the perfect spot for lunch and you need easy prep for you to get going to your camping spot before sun goes down. 

What's better than a hearty soup for an energy boost. Back Country Cuisines recipes include creamy mushroom and potato, chicken corn and Malaysian chicken soup. Grab your jet boil and pop your soup on, before you know it you'll be packed up and raring to go. 



The tents up, the fire is roaring and you're ready for dinner and storytelling around the campfire. You'll be after a comforting meal after your day's trekking and we have just the right dinner. The Outdoor Gourmet Company have a pretty good choice of hearty dinners for you to enjoy. We've picked the wild mushroom and lamb risotto. They're dehydrated meals so all you need to do is put boiling water into the packet, reseal, sit and wait for the specified time and you're good to go! After a long day of walking, the thought of no dishes is always welcome.




When there's no time to stop but you know that you're in need of a boost we have the perfect snack! 

Clif Bar have an AWESOME new flavour; it's coconut AND chocolate chip! Need we say anymore! it's made with 70% organic ingredients and 11 vitamins and minerals. It's a great source of carbohydrates for energy to get you to the top of that mountain! 

This isn't the only tasty flavour, you can find some more on their website