Gear Review - OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler


The OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler has honestly changed my hiking + camping life. And maybe my daily life too because I seriously use it every day.

This is a 100% stainless steel thermal tumbler that will keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold.



What I loved


This took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to be using my Tumbler in my everyday urban life but I am! I fill it up with steaming coffee, fresh from my Aeropress, every morning; even when I’m just at home because I love my coffee as hot as possible.

But my Tumbler shines brightest out in the bush or mountains and here’s why…


The thermal non-leak lid is a serious game-changer for me. It means basically zero chance of spillage when I’m on my constant Sydney-go, when I’m fussing around the campsite and when I’m confined to my tent to escape from sandflies and bad weather.


Coffee just tastes better in stainless steel than in plastic...

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…and stainless steel is virtually indestructible. These tumblers are made to withstand years of use and abuse. If you’re someone like me who is quite rough with her gear, the OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler is made for you!

By the way, the fact that the Tumbler is spill-proof and is stainless steel is why I use it everyday over my KeepCup.

What I didn’t love as much

The exterior is sweat-resistant which means that it stays the same temperature regardless. This is technically a big win but when it’s freezing cold, there’s little more comforting that wrapping your hands around a warm mug; you can’t do this with this Tumbler.

This Tumbler is also likely bigger and heavier than the current collapsible cup or enamel mug that you are using. As a very lightweight and minimalistic packer (and general human-being), I totally get that this can be a turnoff but honestly, I have been more than happy to sacrifice a tiny bit of weight and space for all the pros.

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I couldn’t rave more about this OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler. I never thought I could actually even be this impressed, enthusiastic and delighted about a CUP!




This article was written by Thuc Do in partnership with OtterBox in exchange for a bunch of rugged but stylish outdoor goodies.


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