Plastic-Free Me : Out of Home

Did you too pledge to reduce your use of plastics during the month of July? 'Plastic Free July' , a month dedicated to raising awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it.

Plastic Free July is a fantastic way to be part of the challenge and raise awareness about plastics harm to us and our environment. Reducing the use of single-use plastics should be a focus every day, of every month. At She Went Wild, we’ll be kicking off a mini blog series, sharing how we reduce our use of plastics in our day-to-day, in the hope to inspire you too to #BanTheBag, pick up your re-usable cup and turn your nose up to bottled water. Here's to the kick off. Reduce plastic 101 : Out of Home.

Here are some easy plastic alternatives that will help you quit single-use plastics, reduce waste, avoid synthetic clothing and their harmful microfibres!


1. Staying hydrated is key and avoiding plastic bottles shouldn’t affect our water consumption. Reusable bottles are great, they ensure your water is kept cool (or hot! Tea anyone?) for longer. Check out S’well’s funky colour collection. S’wells products are BPA-free and ensures your drink is kept cold for up to 24 hours (or warm for up to 12). These make fantastic hot-water bottles too on those cold camping night!


2. How do you like your coffee in the morning? In a re-usable cup please!  We love local-Aussie JOCO cup - these are lightweight and resistant coffee cups, made entirely out of glass. They look pretty slick too. What's your local? Check them out! Responsible Cafes have produced a fantastic interactive map which will show you which Cafe’s will give you a discounted coffee for using a re-usable cup. 


3. What’s for lunch? Try to avoid buying take-away lunch, which often comes in plastic boxes and disposable utensils. It’s a little extra effort, but cooking some nice healthy lunch up at home - check out our recipes blog - and taking that to work with you will not avoid the negative impact takeaway tubs have on the environment, it will also save you some pennies! Win-Win! We love LunchBots - they are tough and durable and great at storing pastas as well as liquids like soup! For an even more environmentally friendly option check out these re-usable beeswax food wraps -  These food wraps are entirely plastic free and they are pretty too!


4. Ban the bag! This is tough, especially when (a) you need to remember to bring you tote bag to the shop and (b) the supermarket’s plastic bags are so readily available, just hanging out at the counter. Most people will have some reusable bags lying around the house, and supermarkets have re-usable shopping bags for sale at the counters. Don’t be fooled, although it’s great to re-use shpping bags, not all re-usable shopping bags are recyclable or environmentally friendly - check out EcoBags. Eco Bags are generously sized, double stitched and extremely durable. Get a plain-Jane or one with a bit of sass.


Note of warning: Don’t trip up at the fruit and vegetable aisle - no one needs plastic bags to bag their fruit and veg, let them range free in your shopping cart!

Please share your no-plastic tips with us. What are you struggling with? There's always room to do a little better.