Gear Review: Ride sustainably with iXS Gear

iXS a Swiss based MTB/moto clothing and protective gear company who originally caught my eye with their sustainable riding apparel. After riding in the gear they also came through with a super comfortable rideable MTB kit that now has my vote on comfort and functionality. 

iXS riding apparel is made from recycled plastics, PET bottles specifically and with the slogan "One Playground. Nurture it" they think about the environment in every aspect of manufacturing their gear. 

I've been riding in iXS MTB tops and shorts nearly every day for about a month, so it's safe to say I have put them through the test. My riding is 100% Enduro, meaning the kits have been tested on both technical climbs and descents and for hours each ride. I stand at 177cm tall and wear medium bottoms and small/medium tops in most ladies MTB clothing. In iXS I found medium across all their range in both tops and shorts was the best fit for my body.

To the review:

Let's start with my favourite item, the Sever 6.1 women's shorts (check them out here)

After riding in these through the heat and rain across the Australian change of seasons, I can say they cope extremely well in all forms of weather. They are light weight so you don't over heat, yet robust enough to have survived a few epic crashes without any damage.

They ride really well on climbs and descents. The comfort fit gives plenty of movement to transfer your weight around your bike without being too loose or tight. I have just learnt to do drops, gaps and jumps and the shorts provided full range of motion through all of these new skills. 

Racing Enduro, my number 1 priority is making sure I can carry all my gear on me without a pack and the four stylish pockets on the Sever shorts are the perfect size to fit my phone, car key, fruit bars (with a sandwich taped to my bike) and my GoPro for filming when riding with the ladies. (Please note, all my repair items, tubes, CO2, tyre levers, etc. are strapped to my bike)

The jersey I prefer most out of their range is the Vibe 6.1, a 3/4 sleeve jersey (check it out here) that sits just on the top side of my iXS elbow pads. It is loose fitting but a shape I prefer over their tighter, more XC styled Progressive 7.1 short sleeve jersey. The Vibe 6.1 has breathable under arms making it super comfortable on those long transition climbs and length sits perfectly over the Sever 6.1 shorts meaning when you stand up to pedal it doesn't ride up. I currently don't wear body armour, but the loose fitting style would nicely fit any body protection underneath, while the long sleeve options are designed specifically for downhill riders. 

Overall the Sever 6.1 shorts and Vibe 6.1 top work amazingly together as an all-round everyday MTB kit and after my month of riding including daily washes the shorts and top have held up extremely well with no signs of wear or tear. So if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly in your riding while still being comfortable don't go past iXS. New into Australia, iXS is distributed through Link Sports Australia and will be showing up more in your local areas. 

Gear Tested
Vibe 6.1, sz M (EUR 38) 

Sever 6.1, sz M (EUR 38)

Reviewed by our awesome ambassador Mel Hayes follow her on instagram @mel_hayes