How To Find Wellness In The Wilderness


This week we welcome guest writer Alicia from Inner Trekker. Alicia and her team run incredible trekking and wellness retreats across Australia and beyond, notably in the Blue Mountains, Western Australia and Europe. Brand new retreats are being designed for New Zealand and Indonesia and will hopefully become available in 2017. We invited Alicia to introduce the importance of finding wellness in ourselves through the great outdoors...


You’ve climbed many mountains before. Inner mountains. You’ve trudged through the depths of the gullies of your soul and you’ve had your breath taken away by the inner stillness at the peak. You’ve aligned your compass with many different life maps and you are on the journey of letting go of all the emotional baggage.

This is life. Your glorious and magnificent life!

Welcome to the art of inner trekking! As you would with an outdoor expedition you put on your exploration shoes and start delving in to the beauty of the landscape. With inner trekking that beauty is you! You explore you and what you are all about - your authentic self in the rawness of its purity and wild-like nature.


When we step away from civilisation, or our daily lives as we know it, and step in to the rawness of nature - magical things come about. Not magical, fairy folk type of stuff, but it is as though someone has waved a wand over you, removing your vail and allowing you to (possibly for the first time since being a child) be vulnerable as your authentic self.

During our wellness trekking retreats we witness this transition within the first 15 minutes on embarking on our journey together. Nature has a way of inviting you to be as raw, wild and pure as it is and this is the most beautiful invitation. A space where you can just be. What we see in the external must be a reflection of our internal. What is going on inside shows up on the outside. To be immersed in nature and see it’s raw and wild beauty, we understand that we too have raw and wild beauty within us. It’s a beautiful embrace from nature to give ourselves permission to explore, to do and to just be.



Can dirt make you happy? Can pristine air quality increase happiness? Can streams and flowing rivers through gullies clear your mind.

YES! This is a big scientifically proven yes!

The bacteria in dirt can support you in balancing out healthy levels of gut flora which is a place where serotonin is produced. According to research the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae found in soils, can trigger the release of serotonin in our brain. Serotonin is a ‘happy’ chemical and is a natural anti-depressant and powers up your immune system. A cause of depression can be a lack of serotonin.

There is a higher amount of negative ions in the atmosphere around pristine places in nature. Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature due to the effects of air, water and sunlight. Positive ions are in higher levels around the city and suburbia where there are higher levels of pollutants and electromagnetic radiation caused by electronic devices and power poles. Once negative ions enter our bloodstream, they are believed to create biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin - a natural anti-depressant and immune system booster. Into the wilderness we go!



As we embark on adventures outdoors, we enter a mental space of self sufficiency, survival activation and building close connections to our tribe. As we move away from the convenience of our homes and move in to the vast space of nature, we understand that everything we truly need is within us. We require less materials and technology to be entertained. We require less creature comforts to give us the sense of security. We require less time structure to give us meaning and purpose to life. We surrender and allow nature to do its thing. Just be. And that is one of the greatest lessons and purpose of life. We realise that the exact thing that we have been searching for has been within us this whole time!


Stretch the body - stretch the mind! Imagine taking a yoga class on a mountain peak, exploring life coaching in the valley and attending a wholesome, organic superfood cooking class under the canopies of the trees…create this and more when you vibe with the tribe at one of our life enhancing trekking wellness retreats along the Bibbulmun Track - WA, Blue Mountains - NSW and along the Camino Trail in Spain.

It’s a health retreat on foot to support you in conquering your inner mountains, aligning your inner compass and releasing the baggage!

In joy,
(Founder of Inner Trekker)

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