She Went Wild's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s already that time of year to rack your brains for the ideal gift for a loved one that solves the tricky equation of cost, usefulness, fun and general-doing-good-for-the-world.

We’ve got you covered with personally tried + tested (or personally wishing-for) gear by the SWW community + team.

We know that it’s important to our community that we don’t just indulge in the holiday season and consume for consumptions’s sake. We know that you vote with your dollars and that even with your gift buying, you want to be contributing to some sort of positive change.

And so we have carefully selected the following gift ideas based on a love of adventure and an emphasis on local Australian businesses and on sustainability.


Under $50


OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler (AUD 34.99)

This 100% stainless steel Tumbler will CHANGE YOUR OUTDOORS LIFE. It keeps beverages hot and cold and comes in very cute colours but the best part is that it is spill-proof which is super useful for those campsite and tent fumbles! It’s also durable so it can withstand being stuffed into your backpack and let’s be honest, coffee just tastes better in stainless steel than plastic!


Pottery for the Planet, Planet Cup (AUD 35)

Quite possibly the MOST BEAUTIFUL reusable cup ever. These handmade ceramic Planet Cups are each unique, available in an assortment of pretty colours, patterns and textures. All are fitted with silicone lids. Perfect for that art-loving, coffee-drinking friend of yours (and a small contribution to reducing the estimated billion disposable coffee cups that Aussies throw out each year).


Osprey Ultralight Stuff Sack (AUD 39.95)

This backpack stuffs down into practically credit card size but don’t be fooled; it has heavyweight features for its lightweight feel! There is plenty of room for water (there’s actually a side pocket that can fit your water bottle), lunch, an extra layer and even a camera. Throw it into your multi-day pack in case you need something smaller for a summit scramble or keep it in the car for a spontaneous hike or if you forget your reusable shopping bags.


Between $50-$100


Bamkiki Kiki Dream toothbrushes (AUD 59.90)

These ergonomic, eco-friendly and BPA-free bamboo toothbrushes are one of the simplest ways to contribute to sustainability. And they’re made by an Australian-owned company that give 5% of profits to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation! Each toothbrush’s recommended usage time is 2 months so this is 2 years’ worth of fun dental health ;)


Mister Timbuktu Leggings (AUD 89)

There is so much to love about this Aussie startup from their giving of 20% profits to people + planet-based charities, Rhianna (founder)’s personal connection to their manufacturers, the use of recycled materials and of course, the super cute prints and silky soft and breathable feel! PS. If you’re wondering which print is our fav, it’s the Atlas Print which is taken from a topographical map of Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.13.14 pm.png

BTW, on the theme of sustainable fashion…

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors of pesticides due to cotton farming. Brands like Afends, based in Byron Bay, recognise this and are moving to eco-friendly materials such as hemp which doesn’t require chemicals and uses less water to grow and is a durable fabric, meaning more wear and less wastage. There’s still so much stigma and taboo attached to hemp though it’s slow going…be part of the change by checking out Afends’ super stylish hemp collection, available for both men and women.


Between $150-$200


Framework Designs handcrafted bicycle bags (from AUD 145)

Handcrafted in Melbourne using Australian-made waterproof canvas, these bicycle bags are durable but slick and sophisticated! Available as both basket bags (which can transition into just an everyday bag) and custom frame bags.
Orders need to be placed by November 30th.


Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Charger (AUD 149.95)

Solar energy is undoubtedly the way of the future with the only question being “how fast will we make the transition?” This solar panel charger allows your loved one to charge USB devices directly from the sun. It weighs in at less than 500g and so is perfect for those that love getting out + about for days on end.


Unyoked One Night Gift Card (AUD 199)

The perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all is arguably an experience! Give a loved one one night to get off the grid + disconnect in a beautiful tiny home in the Australian wilderness. All Unyoked tiny homes are 2 hours from the city (Sydney or Melbourne), are solar-powered, have hot showers and gas stoves and are totally secluded.


And that’s it! If you know of a gift idea that belongs here, please share in the comments below and in case you’re wondering, this post isn’t sponsored in any way at all!