How to Feed Your Coffee Addiction in the Outdoors

There are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to coffee in the outdoors so this is no joke. 

When is coffee a joke anyway?!

Here are our top picks to keep your coffee addiction strong even when out in the backcountry for multiple days:

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Instant Coffee

Is instant coffee better than no coffee? Jury’s forever out on that one for some…but when we did a little survey on Instagram amongst our community of almost 12,000 adventurers, the majority of you answered that instant coffee is your go-to in the outdoors.

Coffee Bags

Level up from full instant coffee and check out coffee in a bag. It’s like a tea bag but better and it’s so self-explanatory that it makes us wonder why it isn’t a bigger deal? In fact, we haven’t found a similar product here in Oz but if you’re lucky enough to be in the land of the long white cloud, get your hands on these Jed’s Coffee Co. Bean Bags (cute name, hey?) These Bean Bags make a seriously good cup of coffee and they are individually sealed which is great for freshness as well as for keeping that backpack weight down. 

Coffee Percolator

The good old fashioned percolator. If you use one of these already for your daily coffee, you might as well take it outdoors. The drawback is that maybe your camp stove is too small to support it! 

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The AeroPress chamber, plunger, filter cap and paper microfilters weigh in at 150 grams and in terms of the setup that delivers the most ‘gourmet’ taste, it’s the winner.

Whilst it is definitely lightweight though, there are multiple components to keep track of so that may turn some people off. You also need to ensure it fits with your camp mug and that your camp mug is sturdy enough for the pressing. 

We use our AeroPress daily at home, though, so it’s a seamless transition into the outdoors. And we love our OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumblers because they go perfectly hand-in-hand with our Aeropress!

French Press

But not just any old French Press setup. The GSI Java Press gives you almost 1.5 litres of freshly pressed coffee in a shatterproof, BPA-free and insulated carafe. It weighs in at only 414 grams and works with coarse-ground coffee. Ideal for group adventures.

This is what we used to get the heart started over a week of introductory mountaineering in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. 

For a smaller Java Press, check out the Commuter which gives you half a litre.

Coffee Plunger Mug

Similar to above but a single-serve setup. 

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Wacaco Capsule Minipresso NS

A handheld espresso machine that weighs only 350 grams. To be honest, we haven’t tried + tested this method yet but it’s too cool to not be included and if you already use a Nespresso machine at home, this makes perfect sense!

Peak Chocolate

Did you know you can ingest your caffeine…in chocolate-form?

Peak Chocolate’s Active single-serves are 80% dark chocolate bars, each containing one shot of espresso. It’s like a multi-tool of snacks, keeping that sweet tooth and caffeine craving at bay at the same time.

If you have another favourite way of taking your coffee outdoors, leave a comment below!