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Gear For The Mini-Adventurer

Finding outdoor gear for your little one involves jumping headfirst down as deep a rabbit hole as selecting gear for yourself. Even though they are, like, a third of your size. We’re here to make it easier with a list of our favourite layers, outerwear and backpacks!

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Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

My family has always been interested in my stories of multi-day hikes, kayak trips and canyoning escapades but I knew they didn’t quite fully understand what I actually do when I disappear for the day with a car loaded with ropes, harnesses, hardware and camping equipment. So when my dad, Dave, called and asked if I’d take him abseiling, I jumped at the chance to teach an old dog new tricks!

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Setting a Solid Foundation in the Outdoors for Kids

Our childhood experiences can definitely shape us and stick with us, for better of worse. At She Went Wild, we couldn’t agree more on what a positive impact the outdoors can have on children’s cognitive, physical and character development. We’re stoked to have community member, Shinae Lee Walker, relive a significant child memory of Bundjalung National Park in Australia’s Northern New South Wales on the blog…

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Wild Green Parenting

Zion Lights, author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting , is passionate about science communication and her mission is to bring research to life, put the magic back in to science education and give younger generations the best chance at fighting (and adapting to) climate change whilst enjoying and embracing the great outdoors. She shares some of her top tips to get the whole family out enjoying nature with us

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Why take your kids camping?

I think it’s the chance to be a bit wild and feral, grubby and smelling of campfire, salty from a swim and not bothering to shower. The exposure to the weather and so much closer to nature – you’re just out in it and that tent and your snuggly sleeping bag give you just enough comfort to make it just fine. And that’s what I want my kids to take from camping: memories of fun adventures, so maybe one day they will want to take their kids camping too.

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How to go wild camping with a baby (even in winter)

Amy Molloy reveals her latest on camping with a little one.

Keen to take your bub out for a few nights in the wild? But not sure how? Worried about their comfort? What should you pack? How will you do it? Amy Molloy has you covered. Read more about her advice on camping with a little one (even in winter) in this article. Get out there!

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The Jonesys : a Family on a Mission

Meet the Jonesys. All 2 and ½ of them.

Lauren Jones: Mama to Morgan and wife to Justin. Lauren is a keen and brave adventuress with a sustainable mindset and love for the outdoors.

Lauren is one to embrace a good challenge and in her own words believes that “self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends.” Lauren is putting this into action on July 15 as she and her family undertakes a 1,800km trek, unaccompanied through the Australian outback.

Read more about their epic journey in our blog post!

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