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The Best Camping Hacks of 2016

We caught up with Caroline Pemberton, Veteran camper and explorer to find out what's her best camping tips. There is no bigger satisfaction that arriving at camping and being thoroughly pleased with yourself for finally nailing everything you needed to bring. Alas mother nature still wins sometimes,  but hopefully that this handy list should help with making your (and mine's) camping experience even better. 

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Workshop Review : Navigating the Wild

Saturday was our first Wilderness Navigational workshop with the Australian School of Mountaineering, and what a perfect day for it was! We were spoilt with views all across the mountains right over to Sydney. 

We spent most of the day scrambling through the bush, learning to navigate with a compass, plotting routes and navigating using maps and the wilderness as our guide.

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How To Find Wellness In The Wilderness

You’ve climbed many mountains before. Inner mountains. You’ve trudged through the depths of the gullies of your soul and you’ve had your breath taken away by the inner stillness at the peak. You’ve aligned your compass with many different life maps and you are on the journey of letting go of all the emotional baggage.

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