A Day In The Life of A Hut Warden

By: Whitney Oliver

By: Whitney Oliver

If your idea of a dream job involves living in a backcountry cabin and working amidst a stunning alpine landscape, then get your stoke on with the quirky short film, "Tanya the Hut Warden".

An avid mountain biker, trail runner, and rock climber, Tanya Rinehart’s experience in outdoor education and her craving to explore have led her from the mountains of her hometown in Colorado to living on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, working in a small Fijian village, and taking the Trans-Siberian Railway all the way from London to Beijing- having plenty of fun and adventures along the way, of course!

By: Whitney Oliver

By: Whitney Oliver

Whether leading a rafting trip or discussing the intricacies of field mushrooms, Tanya’s radiant passion for the outdoors and conservation makes it easy to understand why the Mid Caples intentions book is full of comments like, “Best hut warden EVER.” By helping people make connections with the environment, she lights a desire in them to protect it as well.

But where is Tanya now? Within a week of finishing her season as New Zealand’s raddest hut warden, Tanya and her Aussie husband Jay (whom she married in a secret ceremony at the hut) set off for their honeymoon: hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Will she take up the hut warden post again? Maybe someday (maybe now there’s a job opening!).

But for now Tanya and Jay are gearing up for new adventures in the UK. Keep up with her on Instagram: @tanyadarleen!

'Meet' Tanya for a sneek peek into a day in her life as a Hut Warden in New Zealand :


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