4 Alternatives to Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags have long been part of a backpacker’s essentials.

Besides food storage, they’re handy for organisation, basic waterproofing and trash disposal (including toilet paper…aaanddd as a pee bag during winter camping…)

But of course, plastic is not ideal.

So here are 4 alternatives to ziplock bags for your next adventure.


Stasher Bags are made from pure platinum silicone.

They are air-tight, self-sealing and are 100% food-safe and BPA-free with a 3-year life span.

They’re even fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe! *mic drop*

They come in a variety of sizes to suit all your needs; half-gallon, stand-up, sandwich, snack and pocket.

Our favourites are:

  • the half-gallon to keep your book dry,

  • the sandwich which can hold 10 energy bars or your laptop charger or your Passport, iPhone and AirPods!

  • the pocket to keep all your little knic-knacs organised like batteries, personal medications and matches

But the uses are honestly endless and just as well because Stasher Bags are touted as endlessly reusable!

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There are some grocery and food items that mostly come in plastic packaging. Of course, there are sometimes glass packaging alternatives but glass is relatively too heavy to be carrying around in your backpack. Plastic packaging can be repurposed into your ziplock bag substitutes!

Here are some examples:

  • peanut butter jars

  • hummus tubs

  • bread bags

  • ziplock bags used in those pick-and-mix snack alleys

We especially like reusing bread bags and ziplock bags for backpacking as they are more packable than jars and tubs.

You can also use canvas bags to group items that don’t need waterproofing such as fruit and camp kitchenware.

Psst! For those in Oz, the little Aesop canvas bags make for really good organisers!

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Dry Sacks are an excellent lightweight option for gear organisation especially as they offer waterproofing as well.

We loved using a bright red small Dry Sac for our First Aid kit…and now Sea to Summit have released a special First Aid Dry Sac!

The clear Dry Sacs are also a great idea to help you easily identify what is in which bag.


TupperWare and stainless steel food containers are on the bulkier side but you likely already have them in your kitchen cupboards!

They’re also great for items that you don’t want to get squished or bruised such as bread and bananas.

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