Sail around the Arctic Circle for £5

narwhall expedition arctic circle

Every dreamt of sailing in the arctic?
Want a chance to help the ocean environment while having and amazing adventure?

Narwhal Expeditions have come up with an innovative way that you can join an arctic adventure. They've started a crowdfunding project where just a single £5 pledge gains you a raffle ticket that could secure you a place onboard the sailing yacht Narwhal on her arctic research and clean up expedition.

Katherine Knight, founder of Narwhal Expeditions says "We've heard from so many people who are passionate about the oceans, marine wildlife and plastic pollution who'd love to undertake an expedition like this but are not able to afford it. I strongly believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to helping our planet and experiencing our world, so here is our solution, an opportunity to win a place onboard our ocean research expedition."

The expedition will run from 15th - 26th July, starting and finishing in the town of Bodo in northern Norway. From there, the crew will show you around the yacht, and teach you how everything works onboard. The expedition will then set sail for the wonderful Lofoten Islands, where you'll undertake scientific projects and monitor wildlife as you sail.

You'll also find yourself ashore from time to time to survey and help clean beach litter as well as having some time to enjoy your surroundings. You'll earn your sea legs living, eating and sleeping on board the boat, finding somewhere to anchor each evening while enjoying dinner with the crew.

narwhall expeditions arctic circle

Katherine is keen to stress that you don't need to have any sailing or scientific experience to join the expedition. "What you do need is a desire to take positive action to help our oceans as well as being happy to be part of an expedition team, working and living closely on board the boat together." 

The concept is simple, just visit Narwhal Expeditions' Crowdfunder campaign and make a pledge. Each £5 pledge will get you one chance to win (just like getting a raffle ticket). You can enter as many pledges as you like, each one increases your chance of winning. At the end of the campaign, one lucky winner will be selected at random who will win a place on an adventure of a lifetime.

Highlights of the trip will be :
Gain ocean / marine biology research experience
Gain sailing experience and sea miles in the high latitudes
Sail inside the arctic circle
Create a compelling film or photography project on the subject of ocean protection
Enjoy and help protect the wildlife of the arctic
Know that they have made a positive contribution to protecting our oceans

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