The Women's Outdoor & Adventure Expo

And so it begins! The big push to turn a small idea into something unique and empowering.

I started She Went Wild because I love the outdoors. I love being amongst the wild, to hear nothing but the wind and the rain - I am from Wales after all - and to feel the sun beating down on my face. 

The outcome of this event will hopefully be a day in which girls, women, mothers, and grandmothers bond and discover that adventure, in its many forms, is never out of reach, that passions and dreams are obtainable regardless of our situation, and that the outdoors ultimately creates healthy souls, as well as healthy hearts.

We want to connect people with the brands they love and help nurture relationships that will inspire more female specific products. One size fits all is not always acceptable.

We want to provide a wealth of colourful inspiration at every turn, and combine that inspiration with genuine service providers that can help you obtain the skills and pathways to achieving your wild dreams. The women who will stand tall in our speaker stage have pioneered and proven that we can do it all. Yes, even with a partner, even with children, and even while pregnant.

It's time we stopped procrastinating. Join us at She Went Wild: The Women's Outdoor & Adventure Expo and make it happen. 

To celebrate the Launch of Australia's First Outdoor and Adventure Expo for women we're offering Early Bird tickets for the next two weeks! 


You'll find these amazing exhibitors at the event, as well as more to be listed very soon! They will all be exhibiting their favourite gear among women. You'll be able to see their latest release, and get prepared for your summer trips! 



We'll be bringing you some awesome adventurous ladies on stage throughout the day. Here is a sneak peak, with more being updated over the coming weeks. Travel Play Live our event partner will be introducing all these amazing women to the stage! 



Leah Gilbert is a Plus Size Endurance Athlete, Specialist Fitness Trainer and Positive Body Image Advocate based in Newcastle. Tired of the ‘shaming’ approach to the rising Obesity statistics in Australia, Leah began to pose the prospect of inspiring people to improve their health by providing them with real, relatable role models. Listen to Leah talk about refraiming adventure and getting out into the outdoors. 


Expecting? You don’t have to stop exploring! Join adventure writer, Amy Molloy, author of Diary of a Digital Nomad, as she reveals her top tricks for living on the wild side – with a baby. How can you have an adventurous pregnancy and continue to push the limits as a parent? Discover the tips you won’t read about in the baby books and learn about strategies, equipment and support groups for outdoorsy mums (and dads). 


Jane Grover is passionate about food and cooking it well, using whole foods, home and locally grown, in season and where possible organic and biodynamic produce. OUR DELICIOUS ADVENTURE Recipes and Stories of Food and Travel is Jane's most recent cookbook. Jane entertains with the family's travel adventures and shares more than 75 of her simple, healthy, whole food recipes designed for health and happiness. Watch Jane cook up a storm on stage!



Sydney based journalist, travel writer and photographer specialising in stories about roughty-toughty travel, offtrack adventure and anything involving a bike. Her quest for a good travel story has involved Venturing into post-conflict Afghanistan to join a pioneering expedition across the Pamir Mountains, searching for rideable mountain bike tracks in the Ethiopian Highlands, being rescued by nomads in Kyrgyzstan, sleeping in a swag next to a croc-infested billabong and having her smalls rummaged through with the muzzle of a Kalashnikov.


Jen competes in triathlons and trail runs along with training others to kick their fitness goals. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge and inspiring women to challenge themselves. She has written many articles and recently launched a new project, Sparta Chicks, which is an online community for women where she focuses on how the mind effects sporting performance, hoping to empower women who struggle with self-doubt and confidence.


After many years working in education and law, Morgan joined the One Girl team as CEO. She came to work at One Girl because women’s education is the thing that gets her out of bed in the morning: she believes that knowledge is the spark that can change the world we live in for the better. Outside of the office Morgan loves bush-walking related adventuring and pampering her vegetable garden. We'll be donating $5 of each ticket sold to One Girl, and Morgan will be telling us where all the money raised will be used. 



We want you to get the most out of the day at She Went Wild! So we're putting together a whole host of workshops across the day. 

We have LOADS more to be announced, can't wait to share it with you!










Our lovely friends over at Black Diamond will be bringing their ambassadors along to give you hints and tips on how best to improve your climbing skills.

We'll have a Climbing Wall set up in the courtyard for you try out along with Black Diamond Equipment!