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What’s your background and how did you come to start Travel Play Live?

Our career paths in media and fitness originally connected the two of us, but it wasn't until a trip ‘Cycle for Cambodia’, organised by Amy, that we had our light bulb moment - that there was passion, power and loads of positives when women take on adventure. The goal for that trip was to raise awareness of human trafficking via a fund-raising cycling adventure, 400km through the wilds of Cambodia with 19 women from all walks of life. The differences we noticed in ourselves, the women we travelled with and the women and girls we met, were so profound, we were pretty much driven to continue wherever our crazy ideas took us.  
We found with this trip and likewise on other similar adventures, as the trip progressed each of us felt more confident in our abilities, we asked more from ourselves and were constantly tested and performing well outside of our comfort zones. We cared deeply about what we were doing and the issues that affected the women, children and families we met and adventure allowed us to empower others and inspire many through our efforts. By daring to dream a whole lot more and via the avenue of adventure we were making positive change, in ourselves and for others.
So the five pillars of the magazine were created.
Adventure - Empower - Inspire - Dream and Change
and Travel Play Live Magazine was born.

What’s the most important message you want Travel Play Live to provide to women?

With each issue of our magazine we are surrounded by amazing women, and even more inspired and encouraged to continue on this path. This is why we believe our magazine and is message is important.

When we are kept quiet, kept small, kept powerless by the constant fear that we aren't enough, or our body isn’t ‘right’, which is what mainstream media does, we put our life on hold. We wait, we stay quiet, we sit back, we watch and often wish we were more courageous and brave. ‘I just wish I could do something like that’ being a common sentiment.
This prevents us from engaging in, not only ‘a full and vibrant life’ , but also the important debates that effect women and children worldwide. Through our magazine and our community of female adventurers we want to inspire women and girls not to sit back and say nothing, but to stand tall and use whatever your unique gifts are. Our message is ‘honour’ your own voice, your amazing body and your gifts and use them to live fully, thrive beyond your biggest fears and wildest dreams and to have conversations that matter.

You have worked with lots of business, what do you feel like collaboration has done for your business and why would you recommend for others to do it?

Collaboration is King…..well Queen anyway.

No matter what your business, creating impact requires collaboration. Us gals do it well, but occasionally we can operate from a place of scarcity and competition rather than abundance and a ‘sharing economy’. Our thought has always been to find common ground with other businesses and networks in this expanding niche of women’s adventure and work together to inspire a whole lot more people to get outside. Efforts like these create big ripple effects. We want to work on the premise that if we help another person  spread the word about the power of adventure for women and they, in turn, support and collaborate with another — then we quickly create a community supporting women adventure networks across the globe. Its a Win Win Win!

Why did you feel it was so important to make the magazine for women? 

We never set out to create a magazine for women as such, but more a community of like minded outdoorsy, adventure types who were tired of what mainstream media dishes up. In Australia there was nothing like Travel Play Live in the marketplace and our growing number of subscribers is indicating that they are loving the content, the inspiration, the inclusivity and the authenticity of our message. 

What’s you most memorable outdoor adventure? 

Way too many to mention, but all included friends and some not so fun moments at the time. They tend to be the funniest and most memorable later on. 
I (Kez) usually love an adventure with a challenge so most recently it was learning to navigate well enough to enter an all girl team in a 24 hour adventure race.
I (Amy) love adventure that takes me to places that many tourists dare to tread. It has been in these places that I have learnt the most about myself and the world around me. When you really hang with the locals, I believe your experience is a much richer one.

What Adventures are on the Bucket List? 

Some must do adventure holidays for us include Iceland, Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands. As for adventure challenges:, 
Kez: an ultra-marathon (100 miler) and a solo hike is something I want to tick off. 
Amy: My heart is always in Cambodia, so a return journey is likely, plus, I  want to do a Wilderness Survival course and and long to do something like the TV Survivor series (minus the bitchy competition). Oh and don’t tell anyone, especially not my mum, but Afghanistan is also on my list.

Any camping hacks you have for the ladies reading?

Not really a camping hack as such, but did you know that if you love camping and adventuring with your dog you are able to do it in all NSW state forests, they are canine friendly. 

Who or what inspires you the most to get outdoors and why would you encourage more women to do it?

The numerous ‘feel good’ benefits are what encourages both of us. The challenges and personal growth offered from new skills learnt, the endorphins created,  the beauty and the magnificence of nature, very little compares. We would encourage women to definitely include the outdoors in any wellness plan and if new to it come along to the She Went Wild Expo and find out all the tips and tricks for getting more adventure in your life

The new winter magazine is out, what can people expect to read about in the new edition? 

The magazine always has a great mix of stories, interviews, how to’s and eye catching photography. Once again it’s beautiful and this issues content doesn't disappoint! A favourite feature this edition is Hayley Talbot’s story, an incredible lady, embarking on a big challenge in the coming months. We fell in love with her photos, story and her thoughts on Instagram. It’s a must read piece of inspiration.

“There is no feeling in the world like the feeling of your essence, the fibre of your being, your soul, finding true north. It can be hiding in people, places, experiences, dreams, but when the needle spins and finally settles, welcome to the rubicon, there's no turning back.” Hayley Talbot. 

You’re one of the event partners for the exhibition and will be hosting some inspiring women on our stage, who can we expect to hear from and what will be the message of the day? 

We are currently locking in some of Travel Play Lives regular and popular contributors for the event and have confirmed Lotsa Fresh Air’s - Caro Ryan and Body Positive Advocate Leah Gilbert, so expect to have your perceptions of adventure challenged after listening to these gals!
It is our goal to provide inspiration for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced, tools and resources to empower you to plan your own adventures and thought provoking talks and Q and A sessions on topics that will interest any outdoorsy gal, plus some fun and chances to win some great giveaways!
Our message….Travel, Play and Live.

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