The Best Scuba Accessories of 2016

Having recently completed an Advanced Adventurous course with the friendly folk at ProDive Coogee, we went googling for some less than ordinary diving equipment. We're hoping to review some more diving equipment over coming months, but for now here's five of our favourite finds that will improve your diving experience!



So, she may not be the sexiest piece of gear you've laid eyes on, but you won't want to leave home without her! If you've ever dived, you'll be familiar with the old cotton mouth feeling having inhaled on that dry tank air for long periods of time. The air in your tank is devoid of moisture, and this can lead to an uncomfortable dry mouth. APOLLO SPORTS BIO FILTER reinstates that lost moisture and connects between the 1st stage primary LP port and 2nd stage hose, 'whetting' your appetite for another dive....

Price : from $199 (US)
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The Olympus TG-4 is a fantastic splash-proof pocket camera, one that you can take snorkeling on its own, or take it deeper while diving using the PT-056 Underwater Housing. In addition, the TG-4 Tough lives up to its name, as it is shock-proof, crush-proof, freeze-proof and dust-proof. With a fast f2.0 lens, and an impressive depth rating of 50 feet (without a housing), the Olympus TG-4 is a great camera to keep with you on the boat, and take with you while swimming, or in any damp environment without any concern for it getting wet. And it takes incredible macro! In microscope mode, you can get crazy close up macro with no other accessory lenses needed.


Price : from $345
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We were pleasantly surprised with the TUSA Solla fins, they are a great choice for those on a budget looking for a sturdy pair of open heel dive fins. The blades are a medium size and offer great maneuverability and are built from a mixture of hard and soft materials. This gives them a nice level of flex that is easy on the knees and won't strain your leg muscles. The heel strap is also very comfortable, with a more anatomical design that contours nicely to the back of your foot, something more open heel scuba fins should take note of. Comfortable and powerful pretty much sums up the Solla scuba fins.

Price : from $149
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I personally own this dive computer in green and love it, it's easy to use and wear. The Suunto D4i Novo is the latest version of the lightweight, compact and great all round dive computer. The dive computer itself still remains a fully functional decompression unit which features three dive modes, supports nitrox use, a partial dot matrix display which makes the information much easier to understand, wireless air integration when used with the optional Suunto transmitter, PC/Mac interface included to transfer dive profiles to a computer as well as providing full watch functions when not diving.

Price : from $749
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After suffering with my ears when their waterlogged after surfing and diving I need to get myself some of this! EarShield is a personal skin care cosmetic spray for conditioning and cleansing of the ears prior to water based activities. Delivering a fine metered spray of a unique blend of water repellent Olive, Mineral & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear, finely coating the auditory canal, it gives a conditioning and cleansing feel.

Price : from (US) $23.95
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If you want to get certified and get out diving there's some awesome dive schools in Australia. In Sydney we studied with the guys at Pro Dive Coogee.