How to Start Ski Touring

Ski touring is the activity of walking (also called skinning) uphill on skis, often away from the main ski resort area, and then skiing downhill off piste. It allows you to spend a day in the mountains with constantly changing scenery and often never covering the same ground twice. Here’s how to get started.

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Gear For The Mini-Adventurer

Finding outdoor gear for your little one involves jumping headfirst down as deep a rabbit hole as selecting gear for yourself. Even though they are, like, a third of your size. We’re here to make it easier with a list of our favourite layers, outerwear and backpacks!

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Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

My family has always been interested in my stories of multi-day hikes, kayak trips and canyoning escapades but I knew they didn’t quite fully understand what I actually do when I disappear for the day with a car loaded with ropes, harnesses, hardware and camping equipment. So when my dad, Dave, called and asked if I’d take him abseiling, I jumped at the chance to teach an old dog new tricks!

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