10 Reasons We Love Mountain Biking

I haven’t always been a mountain biker, so I totally understand if you are thinking, “I don’t love mountain biking. What’s she on about?” I used to be a runner and it wasn’t until continuous shin splints forced me into the sport… Yes, FORCED ME! I was so not into it when I started but, now it is my life, my passion and my everything. Here’s why it can be yours too....

5 reasons why you should adventure in your backgarden

Most of you reading this would be quite inclined to discovering new things, but it is probably fair to say that a lot of us are probably guilty of one thing: forgetting to look in our own backyards. Because those things will always be there, because we get caught up in our daily lives, because we prioritise things that are less accessible, we often don’t end up making the most of what is readily available to us. We also tend to take them for granted and forget how exciting they actually are because we see things everyday.

Hikes for non-hikers.  

At 30 years of age I’d never hiked a single trail. Sure, I’d walked through the bush and spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid, but I’d never set out to immerse myself in the landscape. I couldn’t read a compass, I’d never owned a pair of hiking boots and to my knowledge a Camelbak was the top of a large smelly desert animal.  

Adventure is out there

Growing up, I never had the inclination to discover anything beyond my fence line. The extent of my exposure to the great outdoors was the odd grade 0 bush walk with my family and to be honest, I didn't like it all that much. So how did I find myself here then, my life consumed by rock climbing, mountains and exploring distant lands?

The Pros and Cons of Adventuring Solo

I have always loved the challenge of camping and riding my bike alone. While it can be difficult at times, I find that it usually opens up opportunities that might not have appeared if I was riding with a friend or in a group. I get asked so often about what it’s like to bike tour alone that I decided to examine the pros and cons in this handy list!

Adventuring as a Family

There’s plenty to learn as a kid, but out on the trails, in the bush, by the ocean, in the wonder of the natural world, life lessons are learnt. A landscape where resilience is built, persistence is practiced, relationships are deepened and an appreciation for our environment is easily fostered.

Retracing The Rabbit Proof Fence

Meet Lindsey Cole. In 2016 Lindsey embarked on an 1600km adventure walking through the Western Australia outback, retracing the steps of three young Aboriginal girls took in 1931 along WA's rabbit-proof fence. We caught up with Lindsey to hear her story, who is now embarking on her second adventure of circumnavigating Australia with Truck Drivers!  

Win a free workshop - Tell us your thoughts!

As part of our aim to inspire, empower and enable women to get outside and learn new outdoor skills, we organise adventure workshops across Australia. We're constantly looking for new ways to improve our service and offerings, and kindly ask for your feedback to ensure that we're giving you what you want. It only takes a few seconds and your email address will be put into a draw to win a free pass to a workshop near you! 

Getting Adventurous in Sydney

Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or on business trip for the twentieth time, take advantage of some of the outdoor activities this stunning city has on offer and get a glimpse of what makes Sydney so desirable to the world. Bonus, get in a workout at the same time!

How to ride White Water with Journey Outdoors

We love Journeying Outdoors In Nature in all forms but one that holds a special place in our hearts is White Water.

There’s something about the magic, that accompanies natures original roller coaster, that draws us in. The adrenalin that pumps through our bodies, as we hear the roar of a rapid approaching from around the next bend. The grin that spreads across our faces upon successful completion, or if mishap avails, as we float down amongst our belongings, laughing.