7 Stepping Stones to Hiking Alone

The thought of heading out into the bush or mountains alone is very uncomfortable for many but for me, there isn’t much else that makes me feel as ALIVE, as comfortable in my own skin and as resilient. Of course, I didn’t get here overnight and I have so much further to go. Here are my stepping stones to solo hiking.

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Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence with Sarah Hyde

“I know it’s a long way to go but it’s easy. We’ll find the rabbit-proof fence and follow that all the way home” In 1931, Molly, Gracie and Daisy just wanted to go home after being forcibly removed from their families and placed in government settlements. They follow the 1500 kilometre fence that runs across Western Australia. In 2016, Sarah Hyde traces their footsteps and shares her experience.

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Cameleering in the Simpson Desert

As a high school maths teacher my job generally doesn’t liven up conversations, beyond the ‘it’s so important to have good maths teachers’ comment and conversation usually moves on to more interesting subjects. However, the statement ‘I’m working as a cameleer in the Simpson Desert’ does funny things to people’s faces as they try to work out what that actually means…

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She Went Wild's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We know that it’s important to our community that we don’t just indulge in the holiday season and consume for consumptions’s sake. We know that you vote with your dollars and that even with your gift buying, you want to be contributing to some sort of positive change. And so we have carefully selected the following gift ideas based on a love of adventure and an emphasis on local Australian businesses and on sustainability…

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How to get into BASE Jumping

So, you think jumping off buildings, cliffs, bridges, and antennas sounds like fun? Well, you’re absolutely right. BASE jumping is a blast! But it’s not for everyone, and it will take a lot of time, energy, money and commitment. One thing IS guaranteed; base jumping will change your life. Here’s a few tips on how to get into BASE jumping, and how to get into it safely…

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National Braids Day: link together to celebrate + conserve our rainforests

Did you know that every second 1-2 football fields of forests are cut down?
Did you know that half of the world’s tropical forests have already been cleared?
Did you know that the number of the Earth’s wild animals has halved over the past 40 years, and every decade, another 10% of remaining wildlife will become extinct?
Here’s how you can help protect our rainforests and the threatened and endangered species that call them home…

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Setting a Solid Foundation in the Outdoors for Kids

Our childhood experiences can definitely shape us and stick with us, for better of worse. At She Went Wild, we couldn’t agree more on what a positive impact the outdoors can have on children’s cognitive, physical and character development. We’re stoked to have community member, Shinae Lee Walker, relive a significant child memory of Bundjalung National Park in Australia’s Northern New South Wales on the blog…

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FREE Downloadable Packing Lists for Day Hikes and Multi-Day Hikes

When you are first starting out with hiking and backpacking, packing can be confusing and even daunting. You worry about packing too little and getting caught in an uncomfortable (potentially dangerous) situation. You worry about packing too much and turning what should be a manageable hike into an unexpectedly strenuous challenge. We have put together some guidelines as well as FREE downloadable packing lists to give you a starting point…

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