Step-by-Step Guide to Trekking Independently in Nepal

For anyone who loves hiking or appreciates the natural beauty of the earth’s mountains, the Himalayas in Nepal are often a highly ranked bucket list experience. Most people choose to book a trek through a travel agency or company. However, organising a trek yourself in Nepal is surprisingly not that difficult and obviously, much more affordable too…

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Hiking the Tongariro Northern Circuit: my love/hate relationship with hiking

Whenever I plan a multi-day hike, I spend the few weeks before it getting excited about the beautiful landscapes, camping under the clear night skies and the freedom of being away from the world. But as the date draws closer, I start to remember that there is actually a 45 kilometre hike ahead and I begin to doubt whether it has all been one giant silly idea. BUT IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.

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8 reasons to hike in adventure leggings

Outdoor hiking pants are too often rigid, scratchy, and ill-fitting. And they often seem to have that awkward spot where there’s no material between your thighs, causing chaffing and general mournfulness out on the hiking track. So what do you do? It’s time to don some adventure leggings!

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