Finding big impact in the little things

Meet Thuc. A Sydney-based photographer with a lifelong affliction that the Germans call fernweh (a yearning for far-flung places) and an enthusiasm to live an active and exciting life. Inspired by big landscapes, heart-filled human feats and soul-shaping experiences. Through her phenomenal photography skills, she is able freeze beautiful and powerful moments to inspire you to dream big and live big, to chase your own versions of adventure and fulfilment. 

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Annapurna Circuit : a journey from inside out

Most adventures start either with a dream or a disillusion, but for Cristina adventure opened its arms when she stepped away from life as she knew it, said goodbye to her partner at the time and closed the door behind her. Where she run to? Fast forward several months and we find Cristina on the Annapurna circuit, in Nepal. The circuit is rated as one of the most beautiful but strenuous high altitude climbs in the world - reaching 5400m. The mountains were calling me and I had to go. 

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The Kimberley Traditional Custodians

Thirty distinct Aboriginal language groups live in the Kimberley. Many of which date back over 40,000 years and are still tirelessly fighting to protect the land from the threats of industrialisation. The Wilderness Society of Western Australia has been helping protect and respect the rich culture of the region since the mid 1980s by advocating against fracking and legislature that would harm the land, and listening to the Traditional Custodians

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The unexpected places that plastics hide

Eav is an Environmental academic with a key interest in the elimination of marine debris.

It's no secret, plastic pollution is a big problem, but it’s also a visible one that we can solve. Altering your life to reduce consumption and waste, and persuading others to do the same is an important step to improve the way we care for our oceans and environment. Read more about the affects of plastics and the nooks and crannies they might be hiding in.

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Q&A with Ambassador Noemie Fox : Professional Slalom Athlete

Meet Noemie Fox, She Went Wild Ambassador, pro Canoe Slalom Athlete and student. Born in Marseille, France, Noemie moved to Sydney at the age of 2, as her parents were to compete in the 2000 Olympic Games. As a Senior Canoe Slalom athlete, she spends her time between Europe and Australia to race in competitions, train on beautiful natural rivers or man made courses and spend time with great people from all over the world! 

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Mountaineering for beginners: That time I summited Mont Blanc

In the infamous words of Doctor Zeus ' You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!”. 

In 2017 Jess Pealing traded office gear for mountain gear and set off for France to embark upon a mountaineering course. Read her story about part taking in the course, overcoming challenges and finally summiting Mont Blanc

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Science, self-confidence and a 300mile hike around Cornwall

In June 2017, Sophie Pavelle completed a 300 mile solo trek around the entire coast of Cornwall in the UK. Sophie explains how she set off on a one-woman mission to directly test the potential and efficacy of social media as an effective tool to communicate messages about science, British wildlife, the environment whilst using her hiking-expedition as the narrative. Read more on her adventure on our blog!

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How climbing altered my perception of the world

Meet Christiane, one of two awesome rock climbers who travel the world scoping out new heights, crags and connecting with local climbing communities.

Christiane and Camilla are twin sisters. Who make adventure documentaries primarily about rock climbing. Over the past year they have vertically challenged walls in India, New Zealand and Australia, filming as they go. Read how climbing has influenced Christiane's life here

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Review: Brubeck Comfort Merino Wool Top

Outdoor brand 'Brubeck Body Guard' is Europe’s leading designer and producer of 3D seamless knitwear for thermo-active sportswear as well as cotton and Merino wool underwear, all manufactured using functional advanced synthetic yarns. Our Ambassador Jenae Johnston has put Brubeck's Merino Top to the test on the trails and concrete - read her review here

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